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​Raised panels, another option

7th Mar 2022

Sometimes you may feel like adding more depth to your bespoke door by having a raised panel in the centre of each sunken area; the area enclosed by the mould. The whole point of doing this would be add more texture or depth as well as giving you the opportunity to add ornateness or a different colour to the overall room. An example of this might be if you had a period room, especially one which was highly decorated and you wished to mirror this in the door design.

In this respect, we at Trunk Doors could easily match in any existing decorative ceiling or furniture moulds. We do this by you sending us in photographs and some kind of scaled drawing and we’ll make a template. Alternatively, you may simply want the make the door fuller looking, in this case you’re simply making an artistic decision.

Raised panels obviously don’t work with glazed or glass panels but in keeping with but can be used to contrast a glass panel, providing some kind of interest or relief from the glazed doors. The other thing about raised panels is that they don’t always have to be square, they can and rounded or indented corners, arched tops and / or bottoms; in fact any kind of detail you have. If you are thinking of a raised panel, think of the furniture that you have or will have in the room.

Have you similar wall panels or plasterboard panels? Perhaps you have screens for recessed windows which have depth? Here is an example of a door we manufactured recently, which has raised panels.

At Trunk / Made to measure doors UK, we can manufacture any size of panel within any size of door and as either a fire door FD30 or non-fire retardant.

For some doors we can also make a 60 minute fire retardant door, an FD60.

Call us any time to discuss your door, on +44 (0) 28 6863 2200 and ask for Anglelika or Kris.