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How our doors get their names

9th Dec 2021

If you wonder how are doors are named, well there's a simple theory behind it!

With so many diverse and interesting places across the UK and Ireland, we thought it would be nice to reflect the character of those places in what the door represent.

For example, the Cambridge mould, which has a double, round-nosed return, like the city, is elegant and discreet and its narrow characteristics draw the eye towards the furniture in the room. Because of this, the door works well with period furniture, especially Edwardian, where slender-legged chairs, tables and the like would provide a stylistic balance.

Likewise, the Dublin and Islington door moulds, which are the reverse of one another, are traditionally styled and like the city and London borough of the same name, they are flexible yet timeless designs, where there's a mix of different designs and colours going on.

We reflect quite a lot of cities and areas in our door names, from the classic Knightsbridge and Kensington through to up-and-coming centres like Brompton, Havering and Bloomsbury.