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What's in a door?

12th May 2019

For many people, there's nothing as heart-some as natural wood. That goes for floors and furniture, but for doors, think colour. This is especially true for front doors which in the past, used to be uniformly dull, brown mahogany or white; not a bespoke or made to measure one in sight.

However, If we started writing about the history of painted doors you’d be sound asleep by the end of this sentence so instead, let's segue into famous doors which have enjoyed a good splash of colour, just to inspire you!

Where do we start? Well, what about the famous red doors of the fire station in Ghostbusters? That'll do for starters. Released in 1975, the film was one of the trail-blazers in film merchandising and none were complete without copies of the iconic double red door.

This particular fire station is in Lower Manhatten but of course all the studio work was done thousands of miles away in LA.

Nothing wrong with shiny red door, but still on simple, bold colours, hands up who hasn’t been to Notting Hill and hasn’t gone to see the famous ‘Blue Door’, made famous in the film of the same name, featuring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts? If you’re one of the few who haven’t, then get yourself to 280 Westbourne Park Road in North London.

Don’t get too excited though, the original door has long been whisked away for safekeeping and the one currently here is a replica. The flat itself that is behind it is valued at £5 million and is said to have been the home of the film’s actual writer, Richard Curtis.

On more practical matters, it’s a standard 4 panel door that is easy enough to make, should you want one - just drop us a line here!

Black doors have their own heritage, of course; we’re thinking of No 10 Downing Street but also what about 221b Baker Street, home of Sherlock Holmes. Certainly a door to visit when you make your way to Notting Hill.

The door in question is not nearly as ornate as the one used by our Prime Minister, but then, it's the door of a private investigator, not the centre of politics.

Many doors in films are certainly very interesting but at the end of the day, we in Trunk Doors would find it challenging, but not impossible, if you wanted something like the snake door in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the green round Hobbit door in The Lord of the Rings or the grand entrance to Jurassic Park. Have a look at this as a starting point for a basic external door, together we can grow from here.

The bottom line is, if you fancy a door you've seen somewhere, let us know and we're confident we can make it; in the first instance, have a look at this section here.