Made to Measure
2 Panel Pocket Door

Made to Measure
2 Panel Pocket Door

9 of our 16 moulded panel door styles are available as pocket doors.

This is because the other styles are too high and would not fit into the recess.

The 9 styles are:

Battersea, Bloomsbury, Brompton, Cambridge, Chelsea, Dublin, Havering, York and Shaker.

2 of these, the Cambridge and Havering, are not available as Fire Resistant pocket doors, again because the fire proofing makes them too high to fit in the recess.

There are two variants

  • the standard door, which has a slightly larger upper panel and smaller lower panel
  • the low panel version which has a much larger upper panel and correspondingly smaller lower panel.

Each type is the same price. These models are available in our full range of moulds, primed in antique white ready for hanging.

The first image of each door is the standard door, when you click on the product, the second image is of the low panel version.