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Choosing Doors

Bespoke door help guide

There can be a lot of aspects to consider when choosing handmade doors. In this guide to choosing bespoke doors we outline the areas that may not have crossed your mind.

Access the space - How does the space flow, how practical will the intended door be what kind of style are there architraves and skirting. Is the door being used to make a statement, increase practicality or enhance the decoration of a room.

Other areas to consider apart from design and style, is the door providing privacy and noise control. Each one of trunks bespoke doors is made from high quality materials that provide a sturdy feel and alleviates noise, unlike cheaper door alternatives.

Door frames - If the door itself is being replaced, an assessment of the door frames for rot, damage and general wear and tear is recommended. At Trunk doors we can build frames to match your perfectly made to measure door. If the frame is in good condition be sure to take care with measuring your frame to fit bespoke doors.

Door positioning - It is essential to consider where the intended door will be positioned in a space. Consider how the door will be used, for example where are the light switches to the entrance of the room placed. Another key question is what atmospheres will the doors be be exposed too, for example, heat if placed close to a fire, or moisture resistant if close to an entrance or bathroom.

Door functions - Will the door require any additional functions. These functions can include door locks for privacy or glass panels to provide lighting to a space. With multiple different door handles available to consumers it is important to consider what style will fit with your interior and how practical is the handle to open the door.