Creating a copy

18th Feb 2022

When one of our longest standing customers, originally from Co Mayo in Ireland, contacted us to see if we could manufacture a bespoke door just like the one he had, we were delighted to help. The same client, Peter, knows the business inside out, in fact he now runs a construction company in Dublin – no pressure!

He first sent the picture to our office and from that, one of our technicians worked out scaled measurements and forwarded them to Peter, which he checked. A few phone calls and emails later and we now had a working drawing from which to make the door.

The hand-made door he requested was a glazed crittall-style one, but not a fire door. Of course we can do standard fire door FD30 and in some cases FD60 fire doors as well as standard non-fire rated glazed doors with just toughened glass, clear or frosted / semi-opaque. Our glass deliver regularly so any glazed requirement never slows the manufacturing process down. For a fire door to be called one, it needs to be tested by a recognised body.

We forwarded these to our Trunk Floors factory and then production started. Our offices are just 100m from the factory so it’s easy for us all to be ‘in the loop’, a factor which eliminates errors and allows all parties to check on details. This is especially true on made to measure doors or handmade patterns, all of which require a great deal of care.

The door is now complete and has just been sent out for delivery. We eagerly await pictures of it when it’s installed in Dublin, photos which we’ll share with you.

In the meantime, here's the original shot and the replica we made.