Made to Measure Doors

From the inside looking out

17th Jan 2022

There are many reasons why you might want a bespoke glass door or partially glazed door but the main reasons are for extra light and to have a visual sightline.

In the home, a glazed door can be either clear or frosted and of course, are made using toughened glass; safe for all the family or co-workers.

Let’s look at some other factors which may make you consider ordering a glazed or glass door from Trunk Doors.

Firstly, if you have a north-facing aspect that needs an internal door to another room, then chances are you’ll also need a lamp in the opposite corner, does that sound familiar?

If this is the case, a frosted or semi-opaque glass door may well give you enough privacy while allowing more light in.

With glazed doors, you can enjoy the best of both; half chips and half rice! You can still close out the noise from room 2 while allowing you much the same privacy you’ll want in room 1. Perfect if you have televisions in both rooms or children trying to do homework while you half keep an eye on them.

A common question is that of fire safety but we can provide both 30 minute and 60-minute fire-retardant doors. This means that they are tested to withstand 30 minutes and 60 minutes of fire respectively. These aren’t our figures, they are times derived from specialist fire testing centres, so you can sleep easy.

Overall, glass doors offer great flexibility for less additional cost than you might think and are certainly a lot cheaper than knocking a hole in a wall or ceiling to put in another window or skylight.

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