Made to Measure Doors

Making a one-off door

12th Dec 2021

One of the things we do quite regularly is make one-off, high quality, unique doors. This involves making a template of the old door first or working on whatever data we have.

In this case we have a batch of doors to make for a customer for a few office suite in Derry / Londonderry in Northern Ireland, whom we’ve done work for before and we’re super-excited to see the completed work. The client also wants the new reproduction replica doors as fire doors, but that’s no issue.

The picture shows the door in our factory and the first job is to measure the product exactly, right to the last millimetre. When this is complete we make a template for the door mould, which is the name for the trim on the panels. This is complex but we have state of the art technology to assist us, including a huge CNC cutter.

When the template is made, one of our senior technicians checks the template against the original door for accuracy and when he or she is happy, we make it.

When the door is complete, it’s off to the paint room, which is in a separate part of the factory for the health and safety of our employees and also to avoid colour contamination. After painting, which is just a primer coat, the door is dried, packaged and delivered to the customer, mostly using our own vans or lorries.

Come back and have a look soon and we’ll show you the finished product!