Made to Measure Doors

So why are our doors primed in antique white?

28th Aug 2019

As you have noticed, all our internal doors are finished in antique white, but why?

Well, firstly, as I’m sure you appreciate, a door straight out of a factory with no finish isn’t going to look very well, especially a bespoke made to measure door, so we want to make sure it’s ready to hand and of course, provide a neutral environment for you to think about what colour you may or may not eventually want your door/s to be.

So what is antique white?

Antique white is rich off-white which works well with anything on the grey / beige scale, in fact Dulux call it their antique white ‘greige’, a mix of grey and beige! It’s obviously quite a warm colour and it must be, as a lot of our doors are never repainted, we find it very popular.

What other colours could we use?

We could use the famous off-white from the 70s and 80s, ‘magnolia’ but we find that antique white works really well with our doors, fits most types of furniture, floors and finishes and as just said, you the customer gives it a big ‘thumbs up’!

Where can I see exactly what it’s like?

If you Google it’s Hex Triplet (the code designers use) for #FAEBD7, you should see it; just remember your PC, tablet or phone may not have perfect colour balance though.

How do we apply the coat of paint?

In our paint room! The doors are hung in a special paint chamber and sprayed. Here’s a pic of the doors hanging ready for spraying.